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Enjoy the season managers!


SEASON 2020-2021


We will keep the rule mods this year. Firstly , the squad size is now 3-7-7-5. Second, all teams are allowed to bid ONLY FOR ONE KEEPER FOR THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS OF BIDDING . They will receive all keepers for the same team as the keeper they chose for the remainder of the season unless they want to switch keeper units.

All teams will get 320 credits to work with, once all registrations are complete. Please have all teams in by Wednesday the 9th! By Friday the 11th our first bidding window will close so make sure you stand ready to place first bids. 

Regards all! Looking forward!


Update 9.9.2020

Right all squads have 320 credits! We are 2 short this season as Filip has an actual over-busy job in top flight football and we lost Anthony to work-life balance realities. But Aliaksandr Birukou joins us from Germany. Make your bids, Friday night at (or around) midnight I am updating the first window. Remember! Bid only for 1 goalkeeper - the highest bid for that team will get the keeper and 2 others that go with him (for 1 credit each). Be clever with your credits, window open a while more, Alex I am happy to help you with strategy. Good luck and good hunting! It was a close race last time, now we have a little more leeway in the squads.

Update 12.9.2020

Hell of a first round! Ok, I plan to get going by season start next weekend. 1) Please pick up the remaining keepers in your team for 1 credit each (if there are more than 3 you can choose). 2) We will have 3 MORE ROUNDS NEXT WEEK Monday midnight in Torino, Wednesday midnight in Torino, and Friday midnight in Torino. We will then have 2 a week, Tuesday midnight, and Thursday midnight until Thursday October 8th (window closes on 5th October). 3) We will reopen in January and all will get new credits (plus any you manage to save) Good luck and well done! I am one of the teams with the biggest problems, serves me right.

Update 17.9.2020

Update 17.09.2020 - I fell asleep last night early so the updating process was 4 hours late when I got up in the middle of the night 🤣. Regardless, I created a 38-match calendar starting this weekend. Remember! The real world transfer market is still underway and changes, loans, transfers will happen - keep your eyes peeled. I am one of the teams which still seem to really need a break in the market. MAKE SURE you "consegna formazione" before or right after the last update on Friday ahead of the weekends games. For those of you who are new like Aliaksandr Birukou make sure you select a captain as well. You are allowed three substitutions that will happen automatically with players that end up playing based on the order which you select your bench. Good luck!

UPDATE 8.10.2020

Hi all! I fixed the bug manually, there were no mistakes I think but let me know here or in PM if you spot anything. Thursday midnight is our last bidding round. IF you really dont want a player in the team I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you release them and get the credits straight away when bidding, that way I will run an algorithme which assigns you players automatically after the last update. The Algo is usually good actually. We resume around January 5th if the world is still around! Thanks all - enjoy

UPDATE 3.1.2021


Hi all! Happy New Year friends. I am adding 150 credit to everyone and re-opening the market. It will close the Tuesday after the market closes to be announced precisely closer to the date. Update will be every Tuesday at midnight.


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